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Thinking about going into Drugs and/or Alcohol Counselling?

The use of Drugs (prescription and illegal drugs) and Alcohol is widespread in our society. Issues arise when your use of alcohol and / or drug has a negative impact on your life, and the lives of those close to you.

What action you take concerning your use of drugs and – or alcohol will depend on your own view of the impact that your use has on you, and through you, those close to you.

See if you can identify your own attitudes to your alcohol and /or drugs usage.

How can you make therapy succeed for you ?

The question that therapists don’t like to ask, and every person who uses therapy, needs to know, is why some people succeed  in therapy, when others do not? How do I define ‘success’ ? Well one way of defining it, is that when  therapy is  successful you begin to feel better about yourself,also feel empowered […]