Telephone or VSEE/Zoom Counselling

Why do I offer telephone / Skype /zoom counselling?

Many people lead very busy lives, and sometimes it can be difficult for you to visit a Counsellor. The extra travelling involved to and from the counselling venue can be very difficult, especially where you have to work late, or where you have children who need to be picked up from school, or perhaps when you want counselling, but are not feeling well enough to travel. There can be many reasons to try out telephone or VSEE/zoom counselling, and this can be an effective way of getting the assistance that you need.

I offer telephone or Skype/zoon  counselling for such times. Where you are on a UK Land Line, I am happy to ring you back on that Land line. There is no extra cost for this service.

Some practical tips for making telephone or VSEE /Zoom counselling a success

If you want to try out telephone or Skype/zoom counselling, then there are some considerations that can be easily overlooked. For example:

  • Making sure that you have access to a phone, or computer with access to VSEE /Zoom where you can also sit in a comfortable chair
  • Making sure that the room you are in is confidential
  • Making sure you have a space where you are unlikely to be interrupted by others in your work or home
  • Switching off your mobile phone, so that you are not interrupted during counselling

Concerning confidentiality, I will always offer telephone counselling or VSEE /zoon counselling from my own counselling room, which is also confidential and private.

How does the telephone or VSEE /zoom Counselling work?

You can contact me, either by phone or E-Mail, and we agree a date and time for our counselling session. I am happy to ring you on a land line, or VSEE/Zoom and there is no extra charge.

If you require telephone counselling and do not have a land line, then I am happy to provide you with my telephone number for you to ring me for the appointment. The cost of calls to my phone may vary, and are dependent on your telephone provider.

How do I pay for Telephone /VSEE /Zoom Counselling?

I will provide my bank details so that you can pay straight into my bank account. This allows anyone to make payments into my account for telephone counselling or any other services that you may require. You can also by arrangement send me a cheque made payable to New Focus Therapy.