Introduction to Focusing-oriented Therapy Levels 1-5. 60 Hours of training over 5 weekends Plus other courses of interest

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Due to Lockdown these courses are now being offered by Zoom

If you and some colleagues want to book a course that suites your dates, then contact me on 020 8330 7341 or contact me through my contact form.

Group courses are offered via zoom and run with  a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 9.

These courses can also be taught on an individual basis over zoom. The Skype course is for 8  Hours and costs £150.  

Group workshops ( 3-9_ people )  cost is £150  per person per course, including course notes and a 12 Hour CPD Certificate, I am also happy to teach this course in other venues. For more information please ring me on 020 8330 7341. You can also contact me through the Contact page on my web site.

Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 1  Date TBA

The first of 5 courses in FOT designed to introduce therapists to focusing for both their professional and personal development. In this course we explore  Focusing as a natural process, Focusing-oriented therapy,  how clients use therapy, experiencing levels and therapeutic outcomes, spotting and facilitating deeper  experiencing levels through deepening conversations,  through reflective listening and deepening proposition, introduction to  guided focusing for personal growth and development. Also includes Focusing partnerships , and further resources in FOT.

 Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 2. (2 of 5)    Date  TBA 

A space for you to explore your focusing journey so far. Also covers the theory and practice of experiencing, carrying forward the implicit, the four relationships to our experiencing and the implications for therapy, and personal life, introduction to working with configurations of self,( or inner parts ) including the inner critic/ doubter, and use of imagery etc. Training methods include teaching, experiential exercises, small group pair and triad work.

Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 3 Date TBA

A  space is provided to explore your own use of focusing in your personal and professional development. We also explore advanced resonating and empathy skills. The includes the development of grounded presence to enhance empathy skills, as well as exploration of Configurations of Self theory using Focusing and Art work as well as movement to carry forward our felt sense of our life issues.

 Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 4. (4 of 5)  Date TBA. 

A space is provided for you to explore your own use of focusing in your personal and professional development. Also covers  Resource -Oriented Focusing, which includes our external, inner and transpersonal resources. We also explore configurations of self from a focusing perspective. Also included is an introduction to Whole Body Focusing, use of the therapeutic space, as well as an exploration of the relationship between Focusing-oriented therapy and Trauma.

Focusing-Oriented Therapy Level 5 (5 of 5) Date TBA. 

This course includes reviews of your FOT journey so far, including a further exploration of Whole Body focusing, using the space as a larger holding space for the focusing process, exploration of  the inter-relationship between self configurations, using space, imagery and movement.

Additional courses for therapists and other focusers.

Focusing & Decision Making. Let your body inform your decisions. 1 day course. Cost £75 per person. Discounted to £65pp  with 5-9 participants.

suitable for people who already know focusing. Date, TBA 

Do you have an important decision to make ? Want to know how to use focusing to help you with that important decision making process ? Then this course is right for you.

  1. Integrate a cognitive model of decision making and check it out with your bodily felt sense of that decision.
  2. What information do you have concerning the decision – do you need more info ?-
  3. what alternatives are there to that decision ?
  4. Explore the positive, minus and interesting consequences of that decision /alternatives  that arise in your life.
  5. Explore the different aspects of that decision making process using guided focusing. Find out which parts of you are in favour, and which parts are opposed or having cautionary concerns.
  6. Explore action steps and how they feel in your body
  7. You can revisit the decision several times before taking action.

The course fee includes a set of notes and a 6 hour CPD certificate. This course can run with from 3-9 participants.

Let your body interpret your dreams. One day course. Cost £75pp. Discounted to £65 per person for groups of 5-9 people Date TBA

Suitable for those who already know Focusing.

Our dreams can offer a fascinating insight into our psyche and inner life. Dream interpretation should not be left to dream dictionaries.  Your dreams come from your whole body, and can be best interpreted that way. Book this course and come with dreams that you want to explore.

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