Focusing Workshops for Everybody

Individual Guided Focusing Sessions – £40 per session.I offer Individual Guided Focusing sessions for 40 per session. Want to find out how you really feel? Or you have a decision to make? Or a dream that needs interpreting?

Focusing can help with all of these and more! These sessions are not the same as Focusing Oriented Therapy or Focusing Oriented Life Coaching, which are broader than Focusing alone.

Introduction to Focusing: A 6 Hour one-to-one focusing course or 12 Hour Group Training.

This is an introductory course which lasts for six one-hour sessions or 12 Hours of group training and costs £150 per person in total. This course  when taught individually costs £30 each for the first five sessions, with the 6th Session free. Includes Notes and Certificate.

The course covers:

  • Your own focusing journey
  • The art of self-guiding
  • Focusing partnership skills
  • The art of guiding in a focusing partner
  • The art of listening, and making suggestions
  • Working through potential problems

On completion of six hours of training (or 12 Group training hours) you are issued with an “Introduction to Focusing” certificate. You may also wish to consider taking courses in the Focusing Skills certificate.

Focusing Skills Certificate –  Four 6 Hour ( individual) or 12 Hour Group Training Courses.

  • Deepen your Focusing Experience –  The art of Listening
  • Deepen your Focusing Experience –  The art of Guiding
  • Focusing and the Inner Critic, and Other Aspects of Self
  • Focusing and Creativity

On completion of these 4 courses (5 including the Introduction to Focusing ) you will be issued a British Focusing Association Focusing Skills Certificate

I charge £125per person per course when taught from my own home. There is a maximum of four people per course. I can also train these courses on an individual basis ( 6 Hours individual session ) with a total cost of £150 per course. I can also teach group training at your place. Please ask.

Focusing Partnerships

Forming a focusing partnership can be a great way of developing your focusing skills.

A partnership is formed where two people agree to focus with each other on a regular basis, either by phone or in person. Each partner takes it in turn to be a focuser, and a focusing partner. The time agreed is usually equally divided.

On completing any of my three introductory courses (six hour one-to-one Introduction to Focusing, two-day Introduction to Focusing or Introduction to Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy), you can register for free at the BFTA Focusing Partnership web site. This allows you to make contact with potential focusing partners who have received similar training to yourself.