Focusing Workshops for Everybody BFA Focusing Skills Certificate Levels 1-5

Focusing for Everyone Level 1-5 Focusing Skils Certificate for Peer Focusing Partnerships.  All courses cost £150 for a two day ( 12 Hour) course. Includes notes, a CPD certificate tea coffee and cake but not lunch. Complete all 5 levels and you are awarded the British Focusing Association Focusing Skills Certificate for Peer Focusing Partnerships.  

Due to Lockdown these courses can now be offered by Zoom.

Focusing for everybody  Level 1.   Focusing is the name given to a naturally occurring a human activity that helps us to heal. Focusing can also be used help us make better decisions, interpret dreams, also art and creative projects and a whole lot more. In this course we will explore

  1. What is Focusing ?
  2. How to spot when we and others are focusing naturally
  3. Focusing skills, including how to use focusing for wellbeing creativity and others issues.
  4. Focusing Partnership Skills including:
  5. How to Focus on your own
  6. Focusing with a companion as both a Focuser and a Companion
  7. Focusing companion  skills including reflective listening that help people to focus better
  8. Information on further focusing training, and focusing resources.
  9. How to find a Focusing Partner
  10. Further resources in Focusing.                                                                                        

Focusing for Everybody Level 2 

  1. Introduction and Recap on Level the theory and skills for Level 1.
  2. . Experiential Exercises re grounding and anchoring throughout the course
  3. A Little more on the philosophy of focusing including a group experiential exercise
  4. The Four ways that we relate to what we experience, including the two focusing attitudes, and the implications of this for our lives and our families and friends.
  5. An exploration of our different aspects (configurations) of self, and how we experience then, including the inner critic
  6.  Using Art to work with the core noticing observer self and the different parts that go to make up our whole self
  7. Practice of Focusing skills both as a Focuser  Focusing companion, and observer.
  8. Exploring further resources and training in Focusing including Level 3


Focusing for everybody Level 3 

This course includes 

1) A brief overview of Levels 1 and 2 of the previous focusing courses . 
2) Our interactions with the world in which we live, and what we bring to our focusing partnerships. (Art Exercise covering our core self, resources life experiences etc 
3) Focusing Partnership skills, including experiential listening skills from our own sense of grounded presence. This includes a joint focuser/ focusing partner grounding exercise at the start of the focusing session, and the focusing partner listening and reflecting from their intuitive empathetic felt sense of the focuser and their issues. 
4) Working with specific issues in focusing, how to formulate the right questions. eg, emotional issues, practical decisions, etc. ) and what to do if they do not seem to work 
5) A brief  introduction to  focusing with the positives, including finding a safe place or space, inviting discovering and expanding our resources and discovering what change might feel like. 
6) A brief exploration of Mindfulness based coping strategies for issues when focusing is not possible. ( The Four Steps and revisiting Standing and grounding exercise)
7) Further focusing resources and training. 

Focusing for everybody  Level 4.  

This course builds on the first three courses and is for anybody who wants to expand their theory knowledge and skills in Focusing. This course covers

  1. Introductions and recap on Levels 1-3
  2. Exploring how you are using focusing in your personal and / or professional life
  3. Deepening your experiential listening and guiding focusing partnership skills including grounded presence in focusing.
  4. Focusing with life issues, explored and expanded using language, art, imagery and movement to express our bodily felt sense of our issues and and accessing our life forward energy.
  5. Introduction to Resource-Oriented focusing, including your inner resources, external resources and your trans personal resources.
  6. Further training and resources in Focusing

Next course. Date and Venue to be arranged.

Focusing for everybody Level 5. 

This course builds on the previous 4 courses. In this course we expand your knowledge theory and skills further. This course covers.

  1. Introductions and recap of Levels 1-4
  2. Exploration of how you use Focusing in your personal and professional life.
  3. Focusing with the whole body, and accessing the wisdom of your whole body.
  4. A further exploration of accessing your resources through focusing.
  5. Using the physical space to explore different aspects of the issues that you are exploring. This could include your self configurations, and how those configurations interact  with each other and with you.
  6. Exploring life blocks, and your life forward energy, including how different life options might feel. Exploring what it is like to stay in your current life situation, what it might be like to change to move forward and the inner dynamics of change, both for and against.
  7. Further resources in Focusing.

 Focusing Partnerships

Forming a focusing partnership can be a great way of developing your focusing skills.

A partnership is formed where two people agree to focus with each other on a regular basis, either by phone or in person. Each partner takes it in turn to be a focuser, and a focusing partner. The time agreed is usually equally divided.

On completing any of my three introductory courses (six hour one-to-one Introduction to Focusing, two-day Introduction to Focusing or Introduction to Focusing and Experiential Psychotherapy), you can register for free at the BFA Focusing Partnership web site. This allows you to make contact with potential focusing partners who have received similar training to yourself through the  the Facebook group Find a Focusing Partner (BFA).

See also my Focusing Video Resources