Testimony – What people have said about New Focus Therapy

‘ I did not know what to expect, I had never been in therapy before, but John helped me to feel really comfortable and safe’ ( David)

“John’s approach was a breath of fresh air into what had been one of my most harrowing times. For a long time I had been trying to deal with the situation by discussing it with friends, but I found that this often only perpetuated my negative emotions. Instead of just fighting through and redirecting my pain and anxiety in this way, new focus therapy taught me to listen to, and thereby alleviate these underlying feelings. (Anne)

‘I really liked learning Focusing, because its a skill I can use in my life, and not just in the counselling room. It has  given me the tools for the job, and I have  used focusing to help me with my buisiness, as well as work on my emotional stuff’ ( Mike )

John is a very astute counsellor. I felt very comfortable discussing my feelings with him and I found his guidance highly effective and appropriate. After just one session I felt a weight had been lifted and what’s more, John made good suggestions of practices to take home with me, so I didn’t feel lost again between sessions. I now feel entirely comfortable with the grief that enveloped me before I started the counselling sessions. The pain I felt at that time has lost its power. Although it is still there, it is a part of my past and doesn’t overtake me anymore.” ( Susan)